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Megatokyo Forums > Story Discussions > Haiku [0728] Don't Want To Scare Him Away

Posted by: Rapierman Jun 30 2005, 11:16 PM
Time for us to chat.
Are you upset about him?
Do you want him gone?

Largo's really persistent.
Don't want to scare him away.


There once was a girl in Japan,
Erika was her name in the land,
She didn't want Largo,
But neither would he go,
He was more than an ordinary fan.

L33t speak and computers was he,
The world through his game did he see.
Erika was an equal
And adventure had a sequel
She and he were a team to be.

But Erika pushed him to hard,
and Largo didn't have the right card,
He wouldn't play her game
with those rules that were lame,
so he turned and left her in the yard.

Now Erika is having regrets.
It seems that she's lost all her bets.
Largo had a certain flair,
He'd get her with a dare.
Now emptiness is all that she gets.


The moral of this
story is true; don't look a
gift horse in the mouth.

You can't always get what you
want, but you get what you need.

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