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Posted by: Rapierman May 2 2005, 10:23 PM

A "drabble" consists of 50 (half), 100 (full) or 200 (double) words reflecting the thoughts and feelings of a fictional character.


I have no idea where Ping got the idea that Kimiko rejected me, but I hope I haven't lost the recording of her interview on the radio.

Wait. Is that Largo I hear? What's going on?

I'd better have a look.

Waitaminute! Miho's holding his hand to her chest? No way! Is she...?


That's enough! How dare you! Largo's had an emotional train wreck and you're taking unfair advantage of him! He's not some boy-toy you could seduce and wrap around your finger! He's a real guy with real feelings!

We're going home.

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