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Posted by: Damion Requiem Apr 29 2005, 04:09 PM
"Is it the real flesh?
Because you cannot feel her warmth,
Is that why you burn?"

The same move these women play.
The same small judgment of me.

[editus] Damn typos. That should be [704]. [/editus]

Posted by: Terrytigre Apr 29 2005, 05:15 PM

The sound of Largo
Sipping and hurting Miho
with cold ignorance.

Note: Cold is here a reference to the winter (all haikus should include a season word biggrin.gif )

And the poem, such as it is is on the way Largo managed to cut Miho deep by essentialy ignoring her.

If a drunkard saying barely understandable phrases can cut her so deeply, Miho has invested much of herself in the situation.

Sometimes the loudest sounds are silences in the conversation.

Posted by: Shoka Apr 29 2005, 10:47 PM

So why'm ah here gettin' smash'
Wit' tiss vampire wench talkin' trash?
Wen ah fyn' Piro, we're
Gonna git outta here,
B'fore ah fall flat on ma' ash.

Ah Largo, I thought you were tough!
Will you run when our playtime gets rough?
So come back and have fun,
For the night is still young,
And you haven't bled nearly enough.


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