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Posted by: Brent Dax Mar 14 2005, 02:02 AM
...although the observer in this drabble certainly does.

Drabbles are stories of exactly 100 words, typically focusing on a character's thoughts and feelings. Comments are welcome, but please include a "[!drabble]" at the top of your post to make it clear you're not trying to write a drabble.


I thought I'd seen everything. I mean, I've seen hot chicks before. It's one of the perks of working at a place this popular: every night girls come in dressed as hot as they come. Last night there were these three gaijin women--long blonde hair, amazing racks, legs that wouldn't quit...

But this Her skin looks great against the dark fabric...the curls combine with the ribbon...and...just wow.

«So, Piro-san...have you called her yet?»

Damn...that Piro's one lucky bastard. If I were him I wouldn't bother talking to anyone else.

Posted by: Dang Fool Mar 14 2005, 09:14 AM
Piro plays again at a game with little skill. Tiny blocks of courage are stacked, Jenga-like. Yanagisawa-san plays today, balancing a few more squares, defying gravity with logic and metaphor even while on a cigarette break.

You can see the stark conviction in Piro, screwing hope to the sticking place. Prepared to test his first saved number on his phone. An invitation to another to play, albeit not a solo game.

With immaculate timing honed from experience, the Dark Goddess adds a piece. So reasonable the question, it shouldn't be a challenge to gravity.

But we can hear the clatter.

Posted by: Artemi Mar 15 2005, 12:41 AM
Poor guy just does not get it. Too wrapped up in thinking, I suppose. It looks like the guy is new at this. I mean, two girls after him?

Good grief.

Not like it gets any better as you get older, though. Or if they are normal females. One of those things no guy “gets”, I suppose. You never know when they want to play or not.

He will be fine, even if he is worried and thinks too much. He is a good kid; smart, with his heart in the right place.

Sometimes you just have to dive in.

Posted by: Temenus Mar 15 2005, 02:20 AM
Perhaps he is just another fanboy looser, his playstation accessory certainly got her hooks into him. Not that I blame him, real women can be enigmatic, intimidating, violent, beautiful and mesmerizing all in one. You never know if they want to play with you or toy with you.

But Piro-kun, if you only play with your toys you will never move forward, so take charge and call Nanasawa-san now.

<So play already.>

Feh, listen to me giving the poor lad advice, she has worked here for three years and I still don’t know if she wants to play or not.

/Temenus, who kind of likes this format, it’s freer than a haiku but still rigid enough…

Posted by: rufiangel Mar 15 2005, 03:35 AM

Heart clenches painfully.

Quick, take steady breaths: in, out... cool it, Piro.

It's like looking over a cliff. But it's blanketed in mist, completely shrouded so all I know is that someone *might* be waiting for me down there.

I'm supposed to jump.

But what if she's not there?

<So play already.>

Heart unclenches.

I look at the phone in my hand.

Well, things are still foggy as hell, but it's time to do what everyone's been telling me to do since I got here.

That is, I'll never get anywhere until I do something.

Until I push this button.

I'm supposed to be CG-ing things and working on my English... @_@ Darn the allure of drabbling! Oh, and just a note to BD - I've read qualified drabbles that weren't always focused on character, so I was wondering if you just pulled that rule just for this thread? O_O?

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