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Posted by: Rapierman Mar 7 2005, 07:11 PM
[!drabble] WARNING: It's a double-drabble [/!drabble]

HOW DARE YOU PULL THAT ON ME! I, who helped you beat back the fanboy horde! I, who showed you what you need for a l33t machine! I, who was there for you when you deceived Meimi into thinking I was your boyfrined!

I showed you how to break out of your shell, and THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT ME?? LIKE DIRT?? Bull!

Crazy talk, is it? LISTEN, MISSIE! I may sound like an idiot, but I've been more aware of the world than you will ever know! I'm here, living life as it should be lived! I've led schoolgirls into battle! I've been teaching a ninja some l33t skills! I've stopped a leering coporate flunky who was once a friend from harrassing you! I deserve more respect than that!

What the hell have you done?? BOOTHBABE?? Bossed people around?? Hide from hord3s of fanbois who can't tell their rear ends from a hole in the ground? Who's teh fsked up one here??

Yes, it's your game and your rules. But that doesn't mean that I have to play.

You're on your own now. Good luck with teh hord3. Come back when you're ready to be an adult. I'm out.

Posted by: Brent Dax Mar 8 2005, 02:06 AM
[!drabble] And a half-drabble to complement your double-drabble. [/!drabble]

I wanted him gone.

I wanted him to stop interfering. I wanted him to let me fight for myself. I wanted him to leave me be now that I know what to do. I wanted him to stop interfering.

I wanted him gone.

So why do I want him back?

Posted by: Rapierman Mar 8 2005, 04:42 PM
[!drabble] Very good. Nice one there. [/!drabble]

Posted by: The Electric Triangle Mar 8 2005, 11:30 PM
[!drabble] Rapierman, the way you are living vicariously through Largo is beginning to frighten me. [/!drabble]

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