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Posted by: NightStrife Sep 13 2004, 10:51 PM
[irish haiku]

Largo's trip is disjointed and grave
Since it's battle he often does crave.
But the sparkles are chopped
And destroyed ere they hopped,
And thus Largo does prove that he's brave.

But his travels don't simply end there,
For there're creatures abound to beware.
If he can't tell its name
It is safer to maim
Than risk danger to their wild affair.

But yet none of those threats can come near
To the fell eggplants' sapid veneer.
But it's Largo's good sense
That sees through this pretense
And saves both from some gas quite severe.

And then lastly there comes a great need
For defenses before they proceed.
But a few lowly sticks
Can be used to transfix
And provide them with peace, guaranteed.

All this while his companion sits by
Merely musing while things go awry.
"I don't think that this guide
And the world coincide
But your sanity well's clearly dry."


[!haiku] Why, no, they don't keep me busy enough at college. How can you tell? [/!haiku]

Posted by: snark Sep 13 2004, 11:29 PM
[dactyl haiku]
Thumpity whamity,
Largo, adventurer,
Guards his companion from
Vile 3ggpl4nt horde.

Poor bunnies finding that,
Sparkles don't work 'gainst a
Two-handed sword.

Watching him kill flora
Largo's friend Pirogo'th,
Feeling quite bored.

Still she suspects he fights
Shown by his tangling with
Things best ignored.
[/dactyl haiku]

[!haiku] I've no idea if you're supposed to extend a dactyl, but I did it anyway. So there. tongue.gif [/!haiku]

Posted by: Nebulious Sep 14 2004, 03:52 AM
[Irish Haiku]
In the forest of The EverWood Tree
Largo relaxes with a nice killing spree
But in certain servers
It's true he'd be pwnz0red
Where the pill bugs pass level seventy-three!
[/Irish Haiku]

Nature's towers rise
Acend to take the sunlight
Feed green wilderness

[/haiku]Been on a roll lately Nightstrife? happy.gif [haiku]

Posted by: Lukkai Sep 14 2004, 04:06 PM
Lost in the forest
One is searching a way out
One is killing plants

[/haiku]Sorry people. Had maths test today and am kinda braindead.[haiku]

Posted by: dimension_drift Sep 14 2004, 04:17 PM
[irish haiku]
With one searching to get on track,
Since direction he did sorely lack,
The other, with rage,
A bunny does engage
In a battle, as his sword goes WHACK!
[/irish haiku]

[!haiku] Bleh. Not great. Oh well. Great job on the series, Nightstrife![/!haiku]

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