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Posted by: Opt498 Jul 17 2003, 10:32 PM
[irish haiku]
And now to get in Asmo's way,
The furry temp from the CEA.
His wings cast aside,
Boo's got a new ride,
'Cause the doc's ordered l33tness today!
[/irish haiku]

Posted by: Karinka Jul 17 2003, 10:35 PM
Cool-ness happy.gif...::runs around chanting "boo's got a jet pack, boo's got a jet pack!":: n_n Yay!

Posted by: AncestralHamster Jul 17 2003, 11:13 PM
Clarity of sight:
The course of action is clear.
Calmly confident.

Boo joins the Jet Set,
discarding his antique wings.
ThunderBoo is go!

Posted by: CountAlpicola Jul 17 2003, 11:29 PM
Ancestral Hamster!
Does this mean you're back with us?
Or just a quick post?

There you see my Lord
With a jet pack on his back
He knows how to fly

[irish haiku]
With turtleneck sweeter applied
He stands up tall full of pride
Though I don't see a gun
Asmodeus is done
Taking Seraphim's life for a ride
[/irish haiku]

Posted by: BigDemonicBunny Jul 17 2003, 11:59 PM
Jetpack Boo
Up up and away
Ph33r no G1b!

Is it a bird, no!
It is a flying hamster
Fear the rocketeer

[Irish haiku]
Flying hamster, here at last
Wearing jetpack, what a blast
Have no fear
Boo is here
Time for the coup de grace
[/irish haiku]

Posted by: Sakusen Jul 18 2003, 12:07 AM
From furry fury,
To the calm before the storm,
Don't tease the Hampster

Though the action has not begun,
The fans will all brace for the fun,
For our heroic Rodent,
With weapons most potent,
Know exactly what must be done

Posted by: Kage Jul 18 2003, 05:31 AM
Asmodeus had best beware,
Boo has taken up the dare,
And Boo himself must nigh be wary,
(Asmodeus is kinda scary),

The anti-conscience will be met,
By conscience temp (and household pet),
Both parties have the best l33t g34r,
And now the end is drawing near,

Will light prevail or darkness win?
Will Piro fall down into sin?
No, I think when this is done
You must ph34r the Cute and Fuzzy ones.

Yet another product of a bored and tired mind
Opt, great work as usual.

Posted by: EarthStarFan Jul 18 2003, 05:50 AM
Game's about to start
No nervous twitter stirring
Just resolution

Old wings left behind
Making way for new things
Neccesary acts

Greeted by a sense of calm
Clear course of actoin

Posted by: Manta_X Jul 18 2003, 06:26 AM
Feathers fake now gone,
Replaced by the swiftest air,
Only angels ride.

Conscience's upgrade,
To the fastest metal-made,
To free a fellow.

Every crate undone,
The call to end evil's fun,
This should be a blast.

(plz excuse the pun)

Posted by: Rowan Bristol Jul 18 2003, 08:23 AM
A resolution
I have received God's mercy
and Michael's swift wings

Posted by: Shoka Jul 18 2003, 10:40 PM
The bat-boy just don't have a clue
To the way that this hamster just grew;
With a mini-jetpack
And a jacket for flack
It's past due that our true blue Boo flew.

Posted by: AncestralHamster Jul 19 2003, 12:28 AM
[irish haiku]
The hamster has taken his cue
to give the devil his due.
Wings are things of the past
as he rockets forth with a blast.
Look out, it's Jetboy Boo!
[/irish haiku]
In reply to:

Ancestral Hamster!
Does this mean you're back with us?
Or just a quick post?

Commitments elsewhere.
So I haunt the haiku threads.
Other threads must wait.

Posted by: GenkiPenguin Jul 19 2003, 09:29 AM
The old wings are gone
The Furry warrior is calm
He knows what to do.

(Hey! It almost rhymes!)

Something is diffrent
The Furry Warrior has changed
Boo is wearing pants.

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