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Posted by: Brent Dax Jun 16 2003, 01:07 AM
For the uninitiated, a drabble is a fanfiction of exactly 100 words--no more, no less.

Third-person Seraphim. Please post your own interpretations of Sera's thoughts, as this piece is mediocre, and I never intended for drabbles to be one-per-character.


Seraphim loved cats, but a full-size kitty licking her chibi-size hair was too much even for her. And between the licking and the bruises from being carried in the cat’s mouth, she was beginning to thoroughly dislike this “Belphegor”.

Of course, it was really all Asmodeus—the cat was just following his instructions. Somehow, that didn’t temper her feelings much.

Asmodeus started expounding on his plan, but Seraphim found it difficult to focus, the yuck of the moment overpowering her already unconsciousness-clouded mind. She was barely able to get off a retort—and comprehend that his plan would work.

Posted by: EarthStarFan Jun 16 2003, 01:08 AM
Another Seraphim post, but this one's first-person.

He’s going to be very disappointed by the end of today--I’ve put too much work into Piro for bat-boy to get in the way. He’s too confident, like always. I’m gonna nail him on that.

Unless . . . he’s been influencing them more than I know.

Could he have subtly directed Piro and Largo while I wasn’t looking? Asmodeus could be pretty subtle when he needed to be . . .

No. I can’t doubt. This won’t go according to plan. I won’t let it.

I just hope Boo had the sense to stay with Piro and Largo.

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