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Posted by: Flarez Jun 6 2003, 02:52 PM
A drabble from Yuki's annoying friend's POV...that's Asako, isn't it? *b4k4*


Ah, there’s Yuki! I wonder how her date with the drawing guy went last night? I wanna hear all about it! I know she doesn’t think of it as a date, but she obviously likes him… I wonder if they kissed or anything?!

…why’s she so quiet? She seems broody or something…why does she always have to be like that? She never tells me anything! As her friend I have a right to know what’s going on in her life, don’t I? I wonder if something’s wrong…c’mon, Yuki-chan, you can tell me these things! I’m your friend, don’t you know?!


EDIT: hooray for typos on the frickin' subject line

Posted by: EarthStarFan Jun 6 2003, 03:06 PM
And, for a review for newcomers, a drabble is 100 words long. It generally is seen as inner thoughts of one of the characters in the strip, but so far as I'm aware, it doesn't have to be.

Anyway, here's mine.

She should know better; Asako’s not going to let up. Yuki should just tell us now. It’d save a lot of pain—after all, it’s only going to get worse

Then again, it does serve her right for keeping something so important from her best friends.

Still . . . she does look really down. I wonder what that foreigner did? If he hurt her feelings . . . well, if this is what Asako does to her friends, I’d hate to see what she’d do to her enemies.

Now I really wonder: What happened? The suspense is killing me.

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