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Posted by: Opt498 May 30 2003, 01:44 AM
Booís blog
mode: terrified
i donít understand it, but largoís done something good. iím happy to hear this, though i havenít really helped him. actually, i havenít been much help at all. he doesnít listen to me, and i donít think the robot girl noticed my stickies.

while the boss goes in, iím to watch for flying pigs. iím curious. are we getting more help? i hope they arenít replacing me.

she hesitates. thereís a cat down there. she goes to help it. i donít like cats. they eat guys like me. and maybeÖ NO!

bossÖ whatíll i do now?

Posted by: Brent Dax May 30 2003, 02:21 AM
I lie on the ground, waiting for my prey to see me, to fall into my trap. I know my prey intimately, know what makes her tick, know this plan will work. I know that, in this form, Iím the perfect bait.

ďPreyĒ? This form must be doing a number on my brain.

She catches sight of me with an ďOh!Ē, and I know sheís fallen for it. She walks over, petting me on the head (Sheíd better not mess up the hair) and asking me questions.

As I stand up, I give her a feral grin. All too easy.

Posted by: lazy tiger May 30 2003, 02:28 AM
No pigs there.. none over there.. boss angel lady with a cat.. no pigs there... that cloud kind of looks like a flying pig... hope there are no giant turtles today... no flying pigs there... cat is looking at boss angel lady kind of funny... no pigs there... Oh my. Im screwed.

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