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Posted by: Captain Button Apr 22 2008, 01:48 PM
A soaring first flight
This hawk raised by an eagle
So much is explained

Did teacher learn the lesson?
Will the broken bird take flight?

Freedom cost my wings
Shun the safe and easy path!
She will not be caged

The good girl who lost it all
Created her destruction

Posted by: mistersaxon Apr 22 2008, 03:03 PM
To call her "monster"
is to fail at seeing her
beauty and terror.

All the world should see her now
and fall in hopeless longing! wub.gif

She soars above us!
Newly-fledged wings now spread wide -
who would resist her?

Helpless otaku cower down,
trembling before our goddess.

Should we not fear her?
She has the power of love:
hers to give and take.

Yet she says it is wrong to
place her on a pedestal ohmy.gif

This effortless flight
might heal Erika-senpai,
re-knit her torn heart.

To be surpassed by her pupil -
could a teacher ask for more?

Posted by: DrunkenSailor Apr 23 2008, 12:21 PM
40 ton zombi-zilla and Yuki-chan
her brother and father with armour on
Kimiko and Erika
with their beau's from America
Will they all come for dinner? Poor Meime-san.

This Irish Haiku
out of place or not it's here
And brought to you by


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