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Posted by: BinaryTears Mar 18 2008, 08:53 AM
Past mistakes adrift
Arrive in force to haunt her.
Do not vex your queen!

Mighty zombie horde.
She set them free, left behind.
They shoulda stayed home.

It's different now.
This is a more subtle game.
Amour sans armor.

They can play armies,
Here, it's no concern of hers.
Unless they intrude.

You silly zombies!
She told you at the station.
What part of 'NO' is...

Otaku thinking
When it fails it fails badly.
Drawn to self destruct.

Gamers once they were,
Died many times, and fanboys.
Some guys never learn.

Dumb undead slaves, but
They were hers once, and precious.
A sad decision.

Across dimensions
Her one ring ring to bind them
Directly to NULL.

A god must be brave
To smash her own pedestal.
Closer to mortal.

Posted by: Rudbeck Mar 18 2008, 02:22 PM
Amazing work, BT! The last stanza gave me chills. You are the Jedi-Haiku-Master.


Posted by: aeolidkitty Mar 18 2008, 07:03 PM
"Amour sans armor" smile.gif This is very good, especially the ending. That being said, I offer my humble attempt:

This line withstood all.
Zillas, zombies, magic girls.
Normal affection.

Yet now she walks it,
She who walks telephone wires,
And how it trembles--

One can't admit it.
Blind normalcy, fantasy,
Seeing all but truth.

Posted by: mistersaxon Mar 19 2008, 03:22 AM
Very, very good, but rather too serious for a Wednesday. Please allow me to fart during your aria smile.gif

"Irish Haiku: 1100"

With a smile Piro slips round the back
leaving Kimi completely off track.
Big eyes and small grins
mean that player one wins
And who cares about Zombie attack?

But it's Largo we want to applaud
for trying to acquire Kimi's horde
to tackle the dangers
of rampaging rangers.
All this smirking and chatting? - He's bored!

But back there in the shadows She hunches,
darkly cute, all big jumpers and bunches.
Shuts her phone with a snap
for they've entered her trap
And she's partial to fresh two-course lunches.


Posted by: aeolidkitty Mar 19 2008, 08:13 PM
smile.gif Ah, limericks. How charmingly bawdy and distasteful tongue.gif

I personally also pictured Miho as a black widow spider for the longest time... LargoLunch, brought to you by RavenousZombieFeedingFrenzies™.

Piro would be too chewy with guilt and bitter with angst, though.

And I am at my most serious on Wednesdays, unless it is Tuesday, Monday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Thursday is the only day I really get wild smile.gif

And when Aeolidkittys get wild, it means SHAKESPEARE PARTIES!!!!

Coming soon: a filk of Hamlet.


Posted by: Kinda_Mayvelle Mar 19 2008, 08:24 PM
The portal sewn shut
Endgame! No more to feed on
Life her sacrifice.

Inspired by the post you made for the latest strip regarding Miho's actions, BT. happy.gif

Posted by: mylemonblue Mar 21 2008, 05:33 AM
Very cool haikus! My attempt...[1100-1101] biggrin.gif

Miho takes the hit
Harm shall not come Largo's way
Zombies are no more

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