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Posted by: aeolidkitty Mar 15 2008, 03:53 PM
the zombies have him pinned,
helpless, about to consume
his flesh and his blood.

cool thing? no, not yet.
the horde is speaking to him,
seeking to destroy--

no. seeking to please.
can it be? is that young girl
the zombie priestess?

my blood turns icy.
they have laid him out for her!
she controls their flesh,

she controls his heart --
i won't allow emotion
to kill him again.

(from Largo's POV)

Posted by: mistersaxon Mar 17 2008, 03:03 AM
I love your Largovision -
those haiku are l33t smile.gif

. . . In spectacular Pirovision ™ . . .

Piro's on the spot,
his motivation questioned
by a bunch of creeps.

But will doing nothing be
a positive step?

Simple inaction
has never been so risky.
Lives are on the line!

The only wise choice
(and Piro makes it with style):
Let the girl decide.

( )

Posted by: aeolidkitty Mar 21 2008, 01:34 PM
Why thank you, fine sir.
I agree, Piro deftly
Avoided a trap.

But Kimiko's too nice
To get mad. We girls just want
To see you guys cringe.

Although most men will claim that this is cruel,
Piro's so cute when he looks like a fool. wub.gif

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