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Megatokyo Forums > SD Fanworks > [haiku 1038] Be Home For Doom, Dear.

Posted by: BinaryTears Aug 30 2007, 09:08 AM
Paths crossed by magic.
Cross flickers away and back.
Magical mum gone.

Yuki is reeling.
Secrets, hints, fears and blushes.
Too much to make sense!

Can't take any more.
And now Piro's in trouble!
(Look up to the sky.)

Can this be the key?
Pretense cracking overload
unlocks full power?

Her first day at work,
airdropped into the deep end.
Be home for dinner!

Posted by: Rudbeck Aug 30 2007, 02:15 PM
Ahh, very nice. You've given us the whole page in verbal imagery (and much more elegantly than a panel breakdown by kalium).

I like the reference to a loss of pretense (it's just not working anymore), and the image of being dropped into the deep end - sink or swim, Yuki, but don't be late for dinner!

Love it!

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